STRYK presents the RXT-1, the world's first sparring and boxing robot that strikes back in real-time—developed by a former U.S. Special Forces engineer.

The patent-pending RXT-1 represents the cutting edge of training technology. There is no other device of it's kind, and no subscriptions, apps, or batteries are required.

Constructed with four foam arms, a head target, and an optional torso target, the RXT-1 utilizes three different training modes. 

How It Works

The RXT-1 employs speed and variation in its movements to become the perfect challenge for fighters of all levels. 

Improve your reflexes, speed and coordination like never before, mastering each level and training mode on your flexible schedule. 

It hosts a 4.5" touchscreen interface, composite leather target pads, and industrial-strength springs. 

The RXT-1 includes height adjustment, swings at speeds up to 40 miles per hour, and doesn't take up any floor space since it mounts.

STRYK RXT-1 Training Modes

Beginners and professionals use the STRYK RXT-1 because of its easily adjusted training, speed and intensity levels. Here's an overview of how the training modes on the STRYK RXT-1 works.  

Learn Mode

Learn mode, practice single-arm techniques, and adapt to the speed and flow of training with your robotic coach. You are developing basic skills and exploring its movement. 

Sparring Mode

Spar mode is for users who want to challenge themselves. Train on your schedule at your own pace—the RXT-1 strikes in a realistic, unpredictable fashion with four levels of difficulty. 

Combination Mode

In combination mode, the RXT-1 is a focus pad coach. Learn to defend against an opponent's specific combinations or develop speed and accuracy by striking the pads as they attack. Develop with a strong focus on creating a lifelike sparring partner.

Your New Robot Fight Coach

The robot fighting coach, once only seen in science fiction, is now a reality.

The RXT-1, designed and developed on the cutting edge of modern training technology, represents a true athletic innovation the world has never seen until now. The RXT-1 is the only robot of its kind.

Keep your skills sharp, keep improving and master your technique with the perfect solo coach. The RXT-1 by STRYK.