Train Striking At Home

STRYK strikes back in real-time. So, whether you're a beginner, amateur, pro or champion, STRYK will improve your power, speed, endurance and reflexes.

Boost your fight IQ with its 3 training modes, 100+ combinations and up to 40mph strike speeds. Just mount it, power it on and strike with STRYK.

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"The guys who created this have thought of everything. I've been around boxing since 1995 and I've never seen anything like this."

- Tony Jeffries, Olympic Bronze Medalist, European Gold Medalist, 7x National Boxing Champion

Be a better fighter.

"You will inevitably become a better fighter if you train with the STRYK [RXT-1]."

— Saenchai, 4x weight division Lumpinee Stadium Title Champion.

This robot is brilliant.

"This has a variety of training options for each individual. I highly recommend it."

— Jeff Chan, ONE Featherweight

This is the future.

"Fight training will never be the same again."

— Mark De La Rose, UFC Flyweight

Meet Your New Robot Fight Coach.

• Program your STRYK RXT-1 in seconds with our 4.5" LED touchscreen

• Practice power strikes with the spring-held leather head and torso targets.

• Attack, defend and counter against real-time strikes from 4 foam arms

• Mount with ease and adjust the height of your STRYK RXT-1 by up to 12"

How Will You Train?

Learning Mode

Practice single-arm techniques that will adapt you to the speed and flow of training with your new robot coach. Develop basic strikes, slips and explore new movements.

Combination Mode

Defend against lifelike combinations, like with a real human sparring partner. Or, sharpen speed and accuracy by striking the pads as they attack, like a pad coach.

Sparring Mode

The most life-like sparring simulation on Earth, with unpredictable strikes, speeds and combinations thrown at you in real-time.

Assemble In Seconds

Mount it, plug it in and start striking. Power cable and hardware included.

How does the RXT-1 work?

Watch this 0:26 overview to learn more.

Watch Tony Jeffries' RXT-1 Review